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Religious Education, Mission and Identity Division

The Office of the Vice President for Religious Education, Mission and Identity is responsible for the formation, emplacement, maintenance and enhancement or approval of programs for the upliftment and maturation of the spiritual and moral life of the entire Letran community and communities it aims to evangelize.


We envision the Religious Education, Mission and Identity Division of Letran Calamba as a resource center in Region IVA for integral human development.


We, the Religious Education, Mission and Identity Division, guided by the Dominican tradition and Filipino values, commit ourselves to the education mission of the Church through a culture-sensitive, faith-based, participatory and socially responsive formation of our students, personnel, and members of our partner organizations and communities.


DOMINICAN EMPOWERMENT. To provide faith-based and integral formation programs for all stakeholders, meaningful Liturgical Celebrations and devotions, and community Engagement activities responsive to the signs of the times.

COMMUNITY AND EXTENSION SERVICES. To strengthen Letran Calamba’s solidarity with the larger community through programs that is compassionate and responsive to its needs, especially the marginalized.

STUDENT AFFAIRS AND SERVICES. To promote flexible and seamless student services and programs that support learning and development as well as promote optimal student engagement and satisfaction.

INSTRUCTION. To provide and sustain excellent academic programs characterized by quality and innovative teaching and learning practices.

ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM AND HUMAN RESOURCE. [Administration] To ensure organizational efficiency and continual improvement through internal audit, certification, and accreditation. [HR] To provide an adequate, competent, and engaged workforce.


Office of the Vice President for Religious Education, Mission and Identity

1st Floor, Bartolome de las Casas Bldg.

Ipil-ipil St. Bucal, Calamba City, Laguna

Telephone No.: (049) 545 - 5453 local 6006



Rev. Fr. Lauro G. De Dios, O.P.

Vice President

Rev. Fr. Rambang Ngawan, O.P.

Operations Coordinator

Melinda L. Montano

Administrative Assistant III