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Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba was established on March 11, 1979 in Barangay Bucal, Calamba City, Laguna, in an 11-ha rolling site at the foot of Mt. Makiling. On August 7, 1986, Letran Calamba was granted autonomy by its mother institution (Letran Intramuros) with Rev. Fr. Tamerlane Lana, O.P. as its first Rector and President.


Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba was once described as a fusion between "tradition and vision". Let this host of stories unfold as a testimony to that contradictory blend.


Its story started in March 1979 when it was founded by its mother-institution, Letran Intramuros. It is the first institution of higher learning established by the Dominican Province of the Philippines; the rest having been put up by the Spanish Dominicans.

The idea of putting up a Dominican school in Laguna was triggered by the move to decentralize DPPI schools in Manila. Further, a close consideration was also that of bringing Letran to another home place of a hero - our national icon: Dr. Jose Rizal.

Letran Manila was touted as the alma mater of our great heroes such as Manuel Quezon, Sergio Osmeña, Apolinario Mabini, Gregorio del Pilar, Francisco Balagtas, and Emilio Aguinaldo. From 1979, Letran Calamba has established a good name in quality education, strong research efforts, and responsive community service and extension activities. Hence, in 1986, it was granted autonomy by Letran Manila. It has since become a respected higher educational institution. It operates within the principles of Filipino, Dominican, and Christian education - within the contexts of conscience, discipline, and excellence. Its curricular programs range from its flagship engineering courses to specialized offerings on information technology, business management, hospitality management, education, arts and sciences, nursing, and professional studies.


All these and more triggered the Colegio to venture into accreditation and certification efforts. These are moves to further substantiate the institution's adherence to quality standards. This is another part of our institution's grand narrative.

The Colegio has pursued various quality management efforts reflecting the institution's drive towards management of quality assurance. Letran Calamba has started its application for Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) accreditation in November 2008. The Federation of Accrediting Association of the Philippines (FAAP) awarded to 50% of the Colegio's program LEVEL I Formal Status and 18.18% of the programs with Level II First Reaccredited Status. The Colegio was also awarded with the highest number of candidate programs in the Philippines for two consecutive years (2011 and 2012). In addition, the Colegio has been awarded as the institution with the highest number of Level 1 accredited programs in the Philippines during the 25th PACUCOA General Assembly.

Also, the Colegio was granted the ISO 9001:2008 certification on November 28, 2013. The Colegio's pursuit of quality management continues with its recent engagement with a national quality award. The quality management efforts of the Colegio prove the contention that quality is a continuous and rigorous pursuit which is worth doing well.


Over the past few decades, the Colegio has achieved notable success in delivering high-quality education and instruction, advancing infrastructure development, conducting research initiatives, and engaging in community service. The institution is supported by a faculty of over 150 highly qualified mentors, the majority of whom hold graduate degrees.

The Colegio's current pedagogical framework highlights the effort to produce competitively employable graduates. To realize this, the Colegio has been at the forefront of driving positive change through initiatives such as advocacy in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and co-creating pedagogy with Artificial Intelligence (AI). By integrating AI technologies into the educational process, both teachers and students are empowered to thrive in the digital and collaborative global environment. The Colegio's commitment to bridge the gap between academe and industry is growing stronger. These efforts emphasize the institution's dedication to excellence and its focus on fostering impactful partnerships between academe and industry.

Recognized by CHED in January 2007 for having the best HEI Student Research Program in the region, the Colegio persists in fostering a research-oriented culture. It provides research funding, commissioned research projects, and facilitates avenues for publication. Moreover, the institution's commitment to community service is evident through its enduring tradition of Makipamuhay, a longstanding social immersion program.

Remaining true to its Catholic identity, the Colegio offers stakeholders comprehensive spiritual formation programs, ensuring holistic human development.



In a Culture of Conscience, Discipline, and Excellence, we envision Letran Calamba as a leading Catholic academic institution, a hub of educational technology and innovation, and a vital formation center in the religious and sustainable socio-economic developments in the Asia-Pacific region by 2029.

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Wild Landscape


We, the Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba, a Catholic educational institution, commit ourselves to the total human development, and better quality of life of our stakeholders, and the promotion of a socially-responsive community through a global and innovative education that is Dominican in orientation.









Academic Excellence

Institutional Quality Policy

To realize the institutional vision and to fulfill the mission of Letran Calamba, the Colegio commits itself to deliver consistently quality education to its students and quality service to its stakeholders through a relevant outcomes-based instruction, sustained research and community extension culture, and continually improved quality management systems.

Strategic Directional Area Institutional Objectives

INSTRUCTION. To provide and sustain excellent academic programs characterized by quality, innovative and immersive teaching and learning practices responsive to the changing times.

RESEARCH. To produce quality and responsive researches geared towards research collaboration, presentation, publication, and utilization by developing competencies of faculty, employees, and students.

COMMUNITY AND EXTENSION SERVICES. To strengthen Letran Calamba's solidarity with the larger community through projects and activities that are compassionate and responsive to the needs of the marginalized communities.

FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY. To attain financial sustainability through alternative resources and judicious fund management in order to fund Colegio’s programs particularly, in areas of innovation and personnel development.

DOMINICAN EMPOWERMENT. To provide faith-based and integral formation programs for all stakeholders, meaningful Liturgical celebrations and devotions, and community engagement activities responsive to the signs of the times.

MARKETING, NETWORKING, AND LINKAGES. [1] To increase the student population in proportion to the available physical and human resources, through integrated marketing communications, and continuously build Letran Calamba's brand equity. [2] To establish engaging collaborations with industry partners to sustain and strengthen the link between education practices and industry competencies

PHYSICAL AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. [Physical] To ensure, through optimal readiness of infrastructure, with sustainable and innovative practices, that the Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba be an institution of choice by 2029. [IT] To thrust Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba by 2029 as an institution of choice and leader in the region in connected learning through platforms characterized by sustainable technological innovations.

STUDENT AFFAIRS AND SERVICES. To promote flexible and seamless student services and programs that support learning and development as well as promote optimal student engagement and satisfaction.

ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM AND HUMAN RESOURCES. [Administration] To strive for organizational effectiveness and efficiency through compliance with regulations, maintain high standards and pursue certifications and accreditation for continuous improvement. [HR] To provide an adequate, competent, and engaged workforce.


Seal of the Colegio. The Seal bears the Maltese Cross derived from the Knights of Malta, whose pious works earned for themselves a place of honor within the Church. The silver Cross, on a blue and red field encircled by a wreath of green laurels, symbolizes the pattern by which the spirit must grow - the silver purity of true and noble goals alone can triumph over difficulties; victory follows with a wreath of laurels.

The Seal also bears another symbol of the Colegio, her motto: DEUS, PATRIA, LETRAN; which embodies the Letranite's manner of offering deeds - to God first, the Countrynext, and Letran where his ideals are born.

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Wild Landscape

Knighthood. The Letranite is personified by the Knight who goes through rigid tests from being a Page to a Squire when his heart and soul are many times tested for purity before he qualifies for the most trying challenge and then granted knighthood. As a knight, he carries the shield and the lance to protect not his body but his ideals as he fights for them with a pure heart.

The shield which carries the Silver Cross on a blue and red field encircled by a wreath of green laurels symbolizes the pattern by which the spirit must grow - the silver purity of true and noble goals alone can triumph over difficulties; victory follows with a wreath of laurels.

Blue and Red Colors. Blue stands for loyalty and justice and Red is for consummate bravery. The colors of Letran are blue and red, not red and blue, symbolizing that the nobility of the mind and the spirit should come before the bravery and courage are fired by a cause.

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Alma Mater Letran aming hirang
Karunungan, kabayanihan,
Pag-ibig sa Diyos at inang bayan
Ang pamanang aming kinagisnan.
Kayamanan ng iyong kasaysayan
Yakap lagi sa aming isipan
Aming tanging mithi at pangarap

Sa lupang perlas ng silanganan
Ilaw kang aming tinitingnan,
Pagkalinga sa aming kabataan
Ang pag-asa nitong inang bayan.
Sa paghubog ng aming puso't diwa
Sa hugis ng pagkadakila,
Tulad mo ay tala sa karimlan
Bantay namin at laging tanglaw.

Alma Mater Letran aming hirang
Karunungan, kabayanihan,
Pag-ibig sa Diyos at inang bayan
Ang pamanang aming kinagisnan.
Kayamanan ng iyong kasaysayan
Yakap lagi sa aming isipan
Aming tanging mithi at pangarap