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Planning and Operations Department


The Planning and Operations Department envisions Letran Calamba to become a plan-driven institution in achieving its vision, mission, institution’s philosophy, and SDA-based objectives.


The Planning and Operations Department is committed to guiding the Colegio in maximizing its capabilities and assets, ensuring that strategic and operational plans are effectively and efficiently implemented, and promoting evidence-driven culture through structured monitoring schemes.


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Fidelity Patriotism Academic Excellence




Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba, a Dominican institution of teaching and learning, research, and community services, founded in 1979, under the patronage of Saint Dominic de Guzman.



INSTRUCTION. To provide and sustain excellent academic programs characterized by quality and innovative teaching and learning practices.

RESEARCH. To produce impactful and quality researches by developing competencies of faculty, employees, and students and provide avenues for research collaboration, dissemination, and utilization.

COMMUNITY AND EXTENSION SERVICES. To strengthen Letran Calamba’s solidarity with the larger community through programs that are compassionate and responsive to its needs, especially the marginalized.

DOMINICAN EMPOWERMENT.To provide faith-based and integral formation programs for all stakeholders, meaningful Liturgical Celebrations and devotions, and community engagement activities responsive to the signs of the times.

FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY. To attain financial sustainability through alternative resources and judicious fund management in order to fund Colegio’s programs particularly, in areas of innovation and personnel development.

NETWORKING AND LINKAGES. [1] To ensure adequate student population through continuous engagements with academic institutions, communities, and organizations. [2] To establish engaging collaborations with industry companies to sustain a link between education practices and industry competencies.

PHYSICAL AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. [Physical] To ensure, through optimal readiness of infrastructure, that the Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba be an institution of choice by 2029. [IT] To thrust Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba by 2029 as an institution of choice and leader in the region in connected learning through platforms characterized by technological innovations.

STUDENT AFFAIRS AND SERVICES. To promote flexible and seamless student services and programs that support learning and development and promote optimal student engagement and satisfaction.

ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM AND HUMAN RESOURCE. [Administration] To ensure organizational efficiency and continual improvement through internal audit, certification, and accreditation. [HR] To provide an adequate, competent, and engaged workforce.


Fr. Stephen R. Redillas, O.P.

Senior Director/Consultant

Ms. Maria Morena M. Tamayo

Administrative Officer

Ms. Quincy Pamela R. Genota

Administrative Assistant