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Research Department

The RD started under the name, Center for Research Development (CRD) in 1995 and was established under the supervision of Rev. Fr. Herminio Dagohoy, O.P. The CRD program then centralized the terminal research requirements of all graduating students by facilitating their Project Feasibility Studies, Theses, and Practicum. In 1996, Rev. Fr. Stephen R. Redillas, O.P. succeeded Fr. Dagohoy in directing the programs of the Center. Fr. Redillas started his new role by modifying the name of CRD for a wider, yet more ambitious vision. While retaining its original abbreviation, CRD, its full name was expanded with the insertion of the conjunction “and” between the words Research and Development to underscore the Center’s intent not only to develop researches but also to implement or apply research results among intended beneficiaries. The organizational structure of the Colegio was changed in 2004 affecting the names of different offices and departments including CRD. CRD was called R&DD, which means Research and Development Department. Along with the change in its name, a new program was also intensified, the Institutional Research Program (IRP) in addition to the Student Research Program (SRP). A series of research leaders headed the Department. The following succeeded Fr. Redillas: Prof. Elsa T. Silon became its head (2003-2008) creating greatest impact on student research (in fact, the Student Research Program won the CHED’s Best Research Program Award in 2007); followed by Prof. Roberto DV. Revilla (2008-2013) with thrust focused on institutional funding from related government agencies and other research consortia in the region; and Assoc. Prof. Lorenzo B. Isla (2013-2014), whose term looked into OJT-related operations and possible links between research and community service. R&DD leveled up and became a division (Research and Development Division) in 2014. Under the division was the Research Department (RD), headed by Asst. Prof. Floricon V. Encabo (2014-2016), followed by Asst. Prof. Michelle L. Ventanilla and Ms. Sharon A. Malaiba (both shared short stints in 2017). All of them worked on the quality operations of research and development. The change in its name does not alter its functions and roles. It remains the research arm of the Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba. Its primary objective continues to be the promotion of research and development embedded in a culture of discipline, conscience, and excellence. During this period, greater assistance was also provided to faculty researchers who presented papers in local and international conferences, most of them getting awards for exemplary research outcomes. In January 2018, recent changes in the organizational structure of the Colegio led to the merging of the two departments, Research Department and Knowledge Management, thus, forming the Research and Knowledge Management Department (RKMD), which retains the mandates of research embedded with knowledge management principles. In August 2018, the division took another transformation. It became Research and Collaboration Division (RCD), taking on mandates almost similar to what it already does, except that it weaned away from its care of student research; the Academic Research Department (ARD) was under the Academics Division for one school year (2018-2019) and was headed by Dr. Christopher C. Mantillas. In AY 2019-2020, ARD is back under the jurisdiction of RCD. Its transformations could be seen, though, in its newer attempts to do collaborative research with external agencies, assist external researchers in their related undertakings, and engage in KM-related functions, such as protection of intellectual property rights for research products in the form of patent and copyright applications. This is the kind of future it wants to lead and direct for itself. The Academic Year 2021-2022 led another path for the Research Department of the Colegio when it was merged with the Quality Management Department (QMD) in the new organizational structure, hence, a new name— Research and Quality Management Department (RQMD). The department was headed by Dr. Floricon V. Encabo as the Senior Director. Under the RQMD is the Center for Quality Management (CQM), which was headed by Dr. Lorenzo Romabiles III. This AY led to modifications in the processes and functions of the department in order to adapt to the effects brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic which affected the operations of the Colegio. The recovery efforts of the Colegio in the new normal led to a leaner organizational structure for Academic Year 2022-2023. The Research Department (RD) was transferred under the Academics and Research Division. The RD is currently headed by Ms. Magnolia R. Quiatchon. The RD remains to be the research arm of the Colegio implementing two major research programs— Institutional Research Programs for Letran Calamba personnel and Student Research Program for students enrolled in Research I and II


In a Culture of Conscience, Discipline, and Excellence, the Research Department envisions to serve the growing needs of the institution and of the whole CALABARZON area in the contexts of student and personnel researches responsive to community and industry needs.


We, the Research Department, a research arm of Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba, consecrated to the search for truth and committed to the total human development, strive to nurture the research capability and competence of the members of the Letran community and conduct researches fostering a research environment that is grounded on Filipino culture permeated by Dominican values and responsive to the growing needs of the institution and the society.


To produce impactful and quality researches by developing competencies of faculty, employees, and students and provide avenues for research collaboration, dissemination, and utilization.


Contact Information

Research Department

1st Floor, Bartolome de Las Casas Bldg., Ipil-ipil St., Lakeview Subdivision, Brgy. Bucal, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines 4027

Telephone No.: (049) 545- 5453

locals: 2092, 5021, 3002


Ma. Xenia Z. Bitera, PhD, MAN, RN

Senior Director

Magnolia R. Quiatchon, MM-ITM

Research Officer - Institutional Research Unit

Christian C. Aguado, MBA, MIHM, CGSP,CHIA, SFPM

Research Officer - Student Research Unit

Mary Grace S. Yanoria


Roi Ivanne M. De Hitta

Administrative Assistant

Angelica L. Domingo, LPT

Department Assistant