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Registrar's Department

The Registrar’s Department serves as the primary custodian of all the academic and scholastic records of all students and alumni. It provides academic support service for the Academics Division of the Colegio.


The Registrar’s Department envisions itself to be the leader in providing excellent services to its stakeholders through the use of new technologies in records management.


Guided by a culture of conscience, discipline and excellence, the Registrar’s Department is committed to uphold the integrity, security, accuracy, efficiency and confidentiality of students’ records by sensible, trained, competent, and committed people responsive to the needs of our stakeholders.


STUDENT AFFAIRS AND SERVICES. To promote flexible and seamless student services and programs that support learning and development as well as promote optimal student engagement and satisfaction.

FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY. To attain financial sustainability through alternative resources and judicious fund management in order to fund Colegio’s programs particularly, in areas of innovation and personnel development.

ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM AND HUMAN RESOURCE SYSTEM [Administration] To ensure organizational efficiency and continual improvement through internal audit, certification, and accreditation. [HR] To provide an adequate, competent, and engaged workforce.


Contact Information

Office of the Registrar

Ipil-ipil St. Bucal, Calamba City Laguna, Philippines 4027, 1st Floor, Bartolome de las Casas Bldg.

Telephone No.: (049) 545 - 5453 


Local: 2051


Graduate School Records Unit

Telephone No.: (049) 545 - 5453 

Local: 2069



Collegiate Records Unit

Telephone No.: (049) 545 - 5453

Local: 2052



Basic Education Records Unit

Telephone No.: (049) 545 - 5453 

Local: 2055



Eloisa A. Genota, MM-HRM

School Registrar

Jennifer R. Dorado, MM-ITM

Administrative Officer

Teresa G. Lapitan

Administrative Officer

Geraldine L. Dela Vega

Administrative Assistant II

Grenadin M. Guevarra

Department Assistant II

Aprilyn B. Angeles

Department Assistant I

Jill P. Malacaman

Department Assistant I

Patricia Mae Royena, RPm, CHRA

Department Assistant I

Jejomar T. Vicencio

Department Assistant I