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Letran ends 403rd anniversary with fun run and concert; students assert issues

Posted on Dec. 16, 2023 at 5:07 p.m.

The four-day celebration for Colegio de San Juan de Letran’s 403rd founding anniversary, the Colegio week has reached its conclusion on Friday, November 10, 2023.

The day consisted of programs such as the finals for Talent Knights, Run Hueknighted, and the Arriba Fest concert. 

Organized by the College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA), Run Hueknighted made its comeback after four years since the surge of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

The fun run consisted of two courses: the 5-kilometer and the 10-kilometer run. Each participant is handed their race kit, which consists of a drawstring bag, shirt, color packets, an LED bracelet, and a bib tag. Prior to the run, participants were warmed up with a Zumba. Medals were awarded to runners who crossed the finish line earlier than the others. 

The organizers prioritized the safety precautions as they made sure that medical personnel were present to assist participants in case of emergency.

Being first-timers, Queisha de Guzman, a 4th year - Legal Management student, and France Desena, a 2nd year - Civil engineering student, stated that it feels good to partake in a run with their fellow Letranites and that this event may create connections between different programs, which may be beneficial in the future.

Isaac Sicalbo, a 4th year - Communication Arts student and a Letran-Senior High School (SHS) graduate, noted that both the Run Hueknighted 2019 and 2023 were fun, enjoyable, and memorable, as he was able to be with his friends back in SHS and now that he is a graduating student in college, he is likewise able to do the same.

“The 2019 and 2023 fun run distributed the same inclusions, but what appears to be insufficient in the recently concluded event is the ones throwing water and colored powders to runners. Hopefully, next year, organizers will be able to improve this,” Sicalbo added.


Inadequacy Issues

Niña Roan Tuerto, a 3rd year - Broadcasting student expressed that there was no clear route as to where the participants should run, and even the marshalls do not know how to respond to such a query. 

“Even with the presence of water stations, runners could not get their demands met because the supplies ran out quickly. I also expected that bottled waters would be given out instead of cups,” Tuerto added.

Shairah Buntag, a 1st year - Marketing Management student voiced out that the path intended for the fun run was somewhat dangerous given that automobiles and motorcycles were constantly passing by. Affirming the former’s statement, considering that they received straws, she anticipated water to be distributed, but to no avail.

Zabrina Hong, a 1st year - Journalism student shared that because she was one of several runners who chose to run the 5-kilometer race, which began later than the 10-kilometer course, she was unable to find any water supply. 

“It is only a good thing that me and my friends brought our own water to stay hydrated,” Hong stated.

Apart from this, there have also been issues when it comes to the inconsistency of run hueknighted kit distribution, including the necessity to show the participants’ tickets even before they begin their race.

Given the issues that were mentioned regarding the Run Hueknighted, Ms. Lara Velayo, the event organizer, stated that they had an agreement with the Intramuros administration for providing some officers to help with the traffic while conducting the fun run inside the walls. 

“...ang agreement po with the Intramuros admins ay no closing of streets but they provide some officers that can help us especially with the busy road in the main gate that will manage the traffic. Also, with the help of some barangays officers.” 

This explains why there was a confusion with what route the participants were going to take while joining the Run Hueknighted. 

The inadequate provision of water stations was a notable flaw in the said event to which Ms. Velayo responded that the water stations for the Run Hueknighted are assigned to the Letran Student Council (LSC). 


Ticket Backlash

A plus-one outsider companion per Letranite were allowed to join the Run Hueknighted granted they purchase the ticket worth 350 person with inclusion of the kits.

A day before the event, the Letran Student Council announced that walk-in alumni and outsiders were permitted to enter the Arriba Fest concert as they avail their tickets for 150 pesos. 

The sudden advisory caused backlash from the students and attendees as some commented that the organizers should have made the announcements earlier prior to the anticipated final Colegio week day. 

In an interview with the LANCE, the council clarified regarding the ticketing posting in their official Facebook page that the initial 350 pesos is equivalent to a joint ticket for the two major events Run Hueknighted and Arriba fest, while the later announcement of 150 peso ticket allows other alumni and outsiders to join the concert only.

The LSC further responded they are set to release their own statement regarding the Run Hueknighted and Arriba Fest event controversy. 

Closing the celebration, selected artists, musicians, and the hit OPM band Spongecola played at the St. Thomas grounds.


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By: Andrea Eleanor CabaronAishah Jimenez