Programs Offerings

Program Educational Objectives

After the completion of the academic program, the graduates of Bachelor of Science in Nursing program are expected to:

  • Practice Professional Nursing to individuals, families, and groups of any socio-demographic origin, in any setting – institutional or community, of any phase of the health-illness continuum in the areas of disease prevention, health promotion, restoration and maintenance, and even during the time of death;
  • Conduct research and apply research findings to improve the theoretical base of the profession, as well as nursing practice;
  • Use critical thinking process in decision-making in rendering care to clients;
  • Provide community services to meet health care needs of specific clients and utilize government and non-government agencies and resources;
  • Practice the value of pursuing development programs for personal and professional enhancement through exposure to seminars and training workshops;
  • Endeavor to continually enhance one's professional competencies in their area of specialization; and
  • Assume leadership roles and responsibilities in varied practice settings

Program Outcomes

The graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) shall have the following attributes/competencies:

  • Beginning Nurse's Role on Client Care.
    • Practice in accordance with legal principles and the code of ethics in making personal and professional judgment
    • Utilize the nursing process in the interdisciplinary care of clients that empowers them and promote safe quality care
    • Maintain complete and up-to-date recording and reporting system
    • Establish collaborative relationship with colleagues and other members of the team to enhance nursing and other health care services
    • Promote professional and personal growth and development
  • Beginning Nurse's Role on Management and Leadership.
    • Demonstrate management and leadership skills to provide safe and quality care
    • Demonstrate accountability for safe nursing practice
    • Demonstrate management and leadership skills to deliver health programs and services effectively to specific client groups in the community settings
    • Manage a community/village based health facility/component of a health program or a nursing service
    • Demonstrate ability to lead and supervise nursing support staff
    • Utilize appropriate mechanism for networking, linkage building and referrals
  • Beginning Nurse's Role on Research.
    • Engage in nursing health related research with or under the supervision of an experienced researcher
    • Evaluate research study/report utilizing guidelines in the conduct of a written research critique
    • Apply the research process in improving client care in partnership with a quality improvement/quality assurance/nursing audit team
  • Dominican Identity
    • Demonstrate the values of a true Letranite in his/her personal and professional life