One more strike, one more attempt to hit the gold as Letranites set off for another sure win in the 15th International Robot Olympiad at Denver, Colorado, USA.

The perfect timing and an ideal avenue for the showcase of Dominican empowerment happens on the Olympiad dates scheduled on December 16-20, 2013. A gain in the nest awaits the delegates. A sure ball of lucrative experience entails the robot whiz’ of Arriba’s abode. The end result will surely mean a remarkable encounter. The brave knights will spell a difference and create the picture of global competitiveness.

An overwhelmingly positive response to take part in the said competition has been given by the robotics enthusiasts headed by the Team Letran Calamba Head Coach, Mr Nestor B. Sienes with Hans Simon D. Calderon, Ana Kiela F. Cruz, Nicole John B. Garcia, Sean Vince Ruel D. Maningas, Kenneth John O. Ortega, Josuah A. Repomanta, Czareen Elan C. Gener, Matt Christian Rebong and BEd Assistant Principal Mr. Lorenzo C. Romabilis III. Nothing seems to stop them considering their desire to achieve success. The knack for technology is their forte; thus, there is no doubt that this will strengthen the powers of their accomplishment.

An “all for one, one for all” mind-set fastens the team’s determination to pull off a lot of possibilities of getting an edge. The love of excellence, conscience and discipline encouraged them to join the pot of robot specialists in the land called as “The Centennial State” Colorado, USA.

Few months to go and the Arriba Team are arming themselves with a lot of razor-sharp techniques to come up with stunning robots that will hit the roof of amazement.

Obviously, another history in the making! A taste of US invasion, is indeed an aroma of victory!

Letran Calamba Robotics IRO Team participated in the Department of Science and Technology CALABARZON Region (DOST-IVA) Regional Inventions Contest and Exhibits (RICE) last June 17-21, 2013 at Waltermart Tanauan, Batangas. The Regional Contest will serve as the qualifying round for the National Inventions Contest which is slated in July 2014.

Three (3) members of Letran Calamba's Robotics IRO Team joined the Department of Science and Technology CALABARZON Region (DOST-IVA) Regional Inventions Contest and Exhibits (RICE) on June 20, 2013 at Waltermart Tanauan, Batangas. One of the highlights of the said event was the Inventor's Hour. A showcase of knowledge through robots were presented by the Letran Team. The winning entry during the 14th International Robot Olympiad in South Korean December 2012.

The Letran Team composed of Czareen Elan C. Gener, John Raphael Y. Aguila and Sean Vince Ruel D. Maningas together with Mr. Nestor B. Sienes the heas coach.

Class and RSCO Advisers Orientations were conducted last May 23 and May 27, 2013 at Rm. P102 and Rm. P101, respectively with the theme: “Embracing Consistency and Responsibility.” It aims to make them deeply appreciate their role as advisers. Schedules, submittals, and orientation guide were discussed by the advisers during their first meeting last June 3, 2013.

For Class Advisers, Prevention Comes First Year 2 (Student Discipline) and Towards Excellence (Academic Policies) were given emphasis. Excuse and Tardiness slips were modified and created to minimize student’s behaviour that will lead to major or serious offenses in the future. Future plans also include a monthly/quarterly “kamustahan” where class advisers can share insights and best practices.

The RSCO Advisers’ orientation stressed on their role of creating a climate of involvement to combat incidents of school violence. The challenge posed by the RSCO advisers is on how all students become involve in all activities. The body decided to devise a tracking form to check student’s attendance or participation at the same time plan a well -organized activities to ensure learning or find meaning in the Student Activity Program (SAP).

The Grade School (GS) of the Basic Education Department, spearheaded by the Office of the Student Affairs (OSA), stood true to the Colegio’s institutional principles of having a Culture of Conscience, Discipline, and Excellence inspired by Filipino Dominican, Christian ideals and values as it held its first of a series of continuous information dissemination drive aimed at disintegrating the monstrous nature of bullying before it totally rears its ugly head. This initiative promises to uphold the Letranite mantra of being a gospel-person in word and in action as it champions the cause of saving the least, the last, and the lost against the fangs of discrimination.

The GS students from Grades 3-6 trooped to the Fra Angelico Extension Hall on June 7, 2013 to be properly oriented on the ever-threatening issue of bullying. The activity is aimed at raising the pupils’ awareness on the nature of bullying, its causes and effects, informing the grade school pupils of the acts that lead to bullying in the hope that the pupils will refrain from doing such, and educating the pupils on how to control and prevent bullying in the classroom and in school

It is high time for OSA to have such a formal orientation on the matter since various reports have been featured on television, print, and even in cyberspace, depicting the plight of oppressed individuals who experienced being bullied.

Within the Colegio’s campus, numerous signboards were put up to promote the bulldozing of bullying sending the message that bullies are not cool, not friendly, not popular, and certainly not welcome in Letran. In the hope of further enforcing its plan of action, the GS OSA welcomes students and parents to come forward and to work hand in hand with the school, to stand up, speak out and say no to bullying

The letran basic education grade school continues to assist in the transformation of every page and provide experiences that cater opportunities to develop holistic learning. So as to promote a culture of conscience, discipline and excellence with passion for humanity and integrity, the sports and athletics cluster offered a sports clinic last summer.

The sports clinic's theme was "Halika, Laro Tayo". This event catered two ball games, football and basketball. This program aims to develop the enthusiasts' basic skills, inculcate sportsmanship and camaraderie among participants, foster holistic learning, and promote Letran as a well rounded educational institution. The summer clinic was held last april 15 to may 29, 2013.

This was spearheaded by the grade school sports and athletics chair, ms norma bardos-villamor and two teacher in charge, ms hermelina norma e almeyda and mr ruben c corpuz; basketball head coach, mr francis natividad and two assistant coaches, mr herley sabidor and mr allen angelo g villanueva; football head coach, mr michael jade wania and three assistant coaches, mr gregg marcus gonzales, mr paulo leonar, and mr ian lemuel soliman. It was indeed a success for this opened an avenue for the athletes to continuoudly believe in the spirit of sports.