Welcome to Senior High School Department


The Senior High School Department envisions itself to be the center of holistic formation in the region that responds to the needs of the society, through an education that is Filipino, Dominican, and Christian in orientation.


The Senior High School Department is committed to the formation of students who are eqquiped for employment, entrepreneurship, or higher education. The Department strives to produce graduates who are academically competent and socially responsible.

Quality Objectives

1. To develop students' creative and critical thinking, effective communication, and ifnormation and technology skills that are needed for higher education

2. To provide students with practical knowledge and innovative skills through sound curriculum and strong academic-industry linkage, whereby students will have relevant exposure and actual experience in their chosen track

3. To enhance the competence of the administrators, faculty members, and staff for them to effectively contribute to the delivery of the SHS program.

4. To cultivate a sense of corporate social responsibility among the students, faculty, administrators, and staff through community and extension services

Faculty and Staff

Faculty Members

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