Welcome to School of Education, Arts and Sciences

Our Vision

The School of Education, Arts and Sciences is envisioned to cultivate Christian spirituality, academic creativity, and artistry in a conscientious mind and discipline body toward achieving excellence among students.


The School of Education, Arts, and Sciences is committed to be the intellectual heart that pumps academic strength and energy to the different schools and institute of the Colegio by providing general education faculty committed and dedicated to help carry over the vision and mission of the Colegio.

Quality Objectives

1.To form conscientious, disciplined, and excellent students and graduates through Dominican programs which are quality-focused, industry-aligned, competency-based, and glocally competitive.

2. To sustain the academic program's high standards of quality, excellence, and relevance to promote the Colegio as one of the nationally and internationally recognized institutions.

3. To continually prepare and improve the administrators, faculty members, and staff to deliver quality instruction and support services that will contribute to the delivery of programs.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty Members

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