Programs and Offerings

The PhD-M program is designed to enhance the professional development of students through mentoring, action research and practical projects, enabling them to make key leadership contributions in their area of expertise. It helps the students appreciate and analyze current management theories, become subject matter experts in various areas of management, develop a leadership style, effectively manage change, and predict future trends in business/ enterprise management. The program further aims to equip the students with advanced managerial skills and knowledge needed to address the problems, issues, and challenges arising in a complex organization, both in the private and public sectors. It builds on the theoretical and practical underpinnings of management anchoring on the dynamics of local and global organizations and their corresponding managerial dimensions.

The PhD-PM program is designed to prepare students to lead, consult, or teach in the field of human resources within a complex and global business environment. It facilitates in developing human resource practitioners’ skills in analyzing the relationship between human resource functions and corporate/business strategy with the end goal of providing appropriate intervention toward sustained human resource/ people management. The program further prepares the students to be actively involved in exploring and creating practical solutions to human resource related problems, contributing to the formulation of best alternative, and options for decision making. It equips the students with critical thinking skills and innovative approaches in leading and managing the organization’s human assets.

The PhD-ITM program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing advanced study of business and information technology management. It aims to enhance the student’s articulation of how information technology changes the way businesses operate and the dynamics of managing the IT resources and processes as anchored on various IT architecture and infrastructure frameworks and models. The program deals with interdisciplinary study in management and information systems and focuses on theory and practice, the dimensions of organizations and the associated IT leadership and governance. Graduates will develop the advanced leadership and management skills needed in the business world to provide innovative, real-world solutions to complex information technology issues.

The Doctor of Philosophy, major in School Management is an advanced program which aims to develop school managers who are responsive to the global and national needs for quality research and development. It will help a student master a core of professional and theoretical knowledge and demonstrate skills in applied research and the practice of leadership. Through the promotion of advanced studies, practicum and research, school managers are guided in enriching their leadership capabilities, thus becoming more responsive to the challenges of socially transforming schools/learning institutions and school systems.

Aside from the philosophy and advanced organization and management related courses, the program’s major courses cover the concepts, cases and issues dealing with school legislation and labor laws, strategic human resource management in education, management of curriculum and instruction, social relations in school management, planning and management of school systems, fiscal administration in school management, management of school services, and educational innovation and technology.

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) program provides the students with valuable knowledge about business and all its related aspects, and the opportunity to acquire formal management orientation, integrating the managers’ and entrepreneurs’ better understanding of all concepts, principles, and tools relevant to the practice of business management. The program plays within an atmosphere conducive to a free exchange of ideas with other executives and business leaders. It aims to develop and sharpen the managers’ and entrepreneurs’ analytical ability in dissecting business problems and opportunities. Moreover, the decision-making skills of managers and entrepreneurs are strengthened in a multi-dimensional perspective.

The Master of Management major in Engineering Management (MM-EM) program is designed to enhance the capabilities of engineering faculty members and cadet engineers through updating them on the advances and recent developments in engineering and technology, and by strengthening their comprehension of engineering principles. The program emphasizes the continuity of management and engineering related efforts from planning through design to execution. In addition to technical engineering topics, the program provides managerial, business, marketing, financial, legal and information systems tools for an engineering management career in either the industry or academic sector. The students will emerge with management and business skills to allow effective performance in directing engineering organizations and in assessing clients and their options from a business and engineering standpoint.

The Master in Management, major in Government Management (MM-GM) is designed for students who want to pursue the challenging careers in government. It develops high level of competencies among students in managing public sector’s corporate affairs especially when this concerns the effectiveness of delivering services to various stakeholders at the local and national levels. It seeks to deepen the knowledge of those who wish to enter management careers in the government sector or for those who are already government service practitioners seeking for top-level managerial position in the public sector. The program further prepares its students for leadership in public sector institutions, through solid education and training in governance, public policy, and management, ethics and accountability, local, national, and international governance, and critical analysis of trends, challenges and issues in public administration and governance. It also emphasizes a strategic approach to management to equip managers with the skills, tools, and insights required to manage change and succeed in the increasingly complex government sector.

The Master in Management major in Information Technology Management (MM-ITM) program provides the students an opportunity to explore the future of advanced and cutting edge technologies that facilitate the flow of information and communications in an organization and the corresponding management processes at an advanced level. It is designed to facilitate advanced learnings on the utilization and evaluation of Information Technology (IT) towards meeting changing customer needs and market; on how to weigh the costs/benefits of IT decisions; analyzing and evaluating the effects of IT change on organization; how to help people adopt to change; and, how to explore common problems of management and organization, and their relationship to IT.

The Master of Management major in People Management is designed to help students deepen their human resource subject matter expertise, and strengthen their ability to think beyond functional boundaries, positioning themselves to become an important partner in developing and implementing workplace strategies that deliver business results. The program aims to enhance the students’ proficiency in using human resource management technologies to be able to respond to the vast changing organization environment, apply knowledge in core areas such as compensation (including rewards and recognition), labor management relations, talent management, strategic human resource planning (i.e. strategic staffing, talent acquisition), performance management, and organizational capability development, among others. The program also engages the students to develop critical thinking ability needed to formulate, design and implement human resource development programs.

The Master in Management major in School Management (MM-SM) program is designed for teachers, school administrators, entrepreneurs, and policy makers who are interested in improving their management capabilities especially in school or any learning institution. It is geared towards equipping the students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills in the attainment of the desired goals of an institution namely academic excellence, quality research, and community extension. The program provides the environment conducive to the development and enhancement of a practitioner’s educational leadership and management and critical understanding of the complexities of educational organizations. It dwells on the theoretical and practical learning perspectives that are reflective and relevant to concerned stakeholders’ educational setting. The program explores on concepts, cases and issues dealing with the philosophies of education, educational management and administration, comparative analysis of school management in global and cross-cultural contexts, academic policy and strategy formulation, current trends and challenges in education and other academic/learning institutionrelated management processes.