Colegio's offices and quality procedures work together to provide a safe and wholesome campus and give all students the support they need to flourish.

Health Services

The Health Center is located in the ground floor of the Delas Casas Building. The Medical Clinic offers a variety of services for students, including over the counter medications, first aid supplies, strep, b/p and weight checks, etc. Students who miss class because of illness and need a sick note for their professor should contact the Medical Clinic on the day of their illness. Students who are sick, or have questions about their health, should feel free to contact the Medical Clinic.

Medical Clinic: (049)-545-5453 Loc. 2060
Dental Clinic: (049) 545 - 5453 Loc. 2059

Safety & Security

The Office of the Safety and Security is responsible for the safety and security on campus. They help ensure that Colegio's rules are maintained on campus and provide security guards to keep the campus properties safe. They also provide the administration to maintain campus parking and lock and unlock campus buildings.

Security Office: (049) 545-5453 local 4009 / 5008 / 5009

Guidance and Counseling Service

The Guidance & Counseling Service Office provides counseling and services for students with emotional struggles. We provide a safe atmosphere for students to address their needs in a confidential manner. The office is located in the ground floor of San Juan Bautista Building. For an appointment contact Ann Reshier Bayugo at (049)545-5453 local 2042.

Guidance and Counseling Office: (049) 545-5453 local 2042 / 2041