Management Accounting and Finance Services Department

Treasury and Cashier's Office

Treasury and Cashier's Office

The Treasury and Cashier's Office is responsible for the systematic safekeeping and disbursing of all cash moneys and funds. The office is responsible for keeping a complete and accurate record of all transactions and reporting said record at the prescribed time and occasion designated by accounting and auditing procedures. It also requires giving efficient and full support to the cash needs of the institution and its daily operations and primarily responsible for the accountability of all cash.

The office is open from:
Monday to Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm (No Lunch Break)
Saturday 9:00am - 12:00nn and 1:00pm - 3:00pm.

The Management Accounting and Finance Services Department, through the Cashier's Office in collaboaration with the Finance Division, initiated the Debit and Credit card payment facilty of the Colegio. Online payment is also being facilitated through Bank of the Philippine Island and Union Bank of the Philippines.

How to Enroll in BPI Express Online:

  • Go to then click on "enroll now under Personal Login.
  • Fill-up the form and provide the required information.
  • Activate your enrollment through any BPI Express Teller ATM by choosing [Special Services] [Activate Enrollments] [Express Online]

How to Enroll Bills:

  • Log-in to your BPI Express Online Account.
  • From the main menu select [Payment and Reloading] [Bills Payment] [Enroll All Other Bills]
  • Fill-up the form and provide the required information then press "Submit".

How to Pay Bills:

  • 1. From the main menu select [Payments and Reloading] [Bills Payment] [Pay Bills Today].
  • 2. Input the necessary information on the merchant/bill to be paid:
    • >Choose the enrolled merchant to be paid.
    • >Key in the amount you want to pay.
    • >Select the source account where your payment will debited from.
    • >Press "Submit" to confirm your payment.

How to Pay through BPI ATM Machine:

  • Select type of langauge desired.
  • Select a transaction. (Choose "Pay Bills")
  • Select from account. (Choose from "Current", "Savings", and "Credit")
  • If you want a copy of your transaction, press YES.
  • Enter your PIN number and press "Enter".
  • Choose "Merchant". Enter number of merchant and press "Enter".
  • Enter Validation data. If no validation routine, press "contitue".
  • Enter amount then press "Enter".
  • If the data are correct press "Correct", If incorrect, loop back to amount entry.
  • Successful Check-free Payments Confirmation will appear on the screen.

How to pay through Union Bank of the Philippines:

  • Go to
  • Click Union Bank Account.
  • Key in your User ID and Password.
  • Go to "Bills" tab.
  • Click "Search Biller" to Search for Biller SBDMC Inc.
  • Choose "Letran Calamba" as Biller.
  • Fill Out the necessary details and the Biller Reference (student name and student number)
  • Enter your Transaction Password to confirm the Payment.
  • Upon Successful Confirmation, the Reference Number will be shown. Click "Ok".
  • The Cyber Receipt will be shown.
  • The Cyber Receipt can either be "Saved" or "Printed".
  • 12. If option is to Save, this will be saved in a Text File.

For any inquiries, you may call us at (049)545-5474 and look for Ms. Rosario M. Palomeno, MAFSD Director.