Research and Knowledge Management Department

Student Research Program

The SRP aims to centralize and facilitate all student-related researches, particularly terminal research requirements such as Thesis, Case Study, Innovative Business Project, Design Project, Project Study, and Project Feasibility Study.

The RD, along with the Academic Heads, monitors the Research Program of the students. The Research program is undertaken by Letran students as part of their degree’s terminal requirements. The following are the list of services of the SRP.

  • Seminar-type lectures
  • The research class for the student-researchers is of seminar type. The lecture-seminar guides the students in writing their thesis. The RD invites guest-lecturers to help the student-researchers in the development of their research projects. Lectures are presented based on the respective research format and contents.

  • Proposal Defense and Final Oral Defense
  • The Student Research Unit (SRU) schedules the Proposal and Final Oral Defense. The defense is done through panel evaluation. The RD convenes the panel of three members to evaluate the research outcomes.

  • Selection of Best Research Paper
  • The RD awards the Best Research Paper for each degree program. Along with their respective parents, the awardees are properly recognized during the baccalaureate program.

  • Student Research Colloquium, Project and Software Demonstration, and Product Exhibit
  • The RD facilitates the conduct of student research colloquium, software demonstration, project demonstration, and prototype exhibit toward the end of the second semester. The activities coincide with the celebration of the RD’s Research Week dubbed as Saliksikan.

  • Student Research Publication
  • There are two student-research journal publications released by the RD-SRU annually. The titles of the journal publications are ANI and BINHI.