Accounting Services Department


The Colegio shall implement the MORPHE rulings on Refunds and Other Charges (Section 100, page 69) which states that "Unless otherwise provided by institutional policies, rules and regulations, a student who transfers or withdraws, in writing, within two (2) weeks after the beginning of classes, and who has already paid the pertinent tuition and other school fees in full or for any length longer than one month, may be charged twenty-five percent (25%) of the total amount due for the school term if he withdraws within the first week of classes, or fifty percent (50%) if within the second weeks of classes, regardless of whether or not he has actually attended classes. The student may be charged for all the school fees in full if he withdraws any time after the second week of classes".

    Below are the process and requirements in filing request for refund:

  • Request for student refund may be done online (e-mail to or onsite (written request).
  • The accountant accepts / receives request for refund through onsite or online with the two copies of valid IDs of the parent / guardian. The student ledger account will be verified if there is such a refund.
  • Refund of student, who is currently enrolled for the current term, may be released either in cash or check or outright deduction to the next term depending on the amount of his/her refund:
    • Refund of less than one hundred pesos will be deducted automatically to the next enrollment term.
    • Refund of one hundred to one thousand five hundred is released in cash through the Cashiers Ottice.
    • Refund of more than one thousand five hundred pesos is released through check in the name of the student's parent/guardian.

Date Updated: February 25, 2021