Community and Extension Services Department

Pamaskong Anghel

Pamaskong Anghel is the annual Christmas outreach project of the Letran Calamba community. It is a tradition of the Colegio to bring good news to those who are less fortunate and follow what the angels did to the shepherds in the gospels when Jesus was born. Each member of the Letran Calamba community contributes in order to come up with humble gifts for selected sectors from our partner communities.

The project was first implemented in AY1996-1997 by the then Religious Affairs Office and was intensified with the creation of the Community and Extension Services Department in 1997. The scheme in collecting donations has evolved from hanging of pledges with angels as tokens

during the Institutional Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, Christmas gift wrapper production, salary deduction and in-kind donations. Relief goods were also gathered for the victims of calamities such as typhoons and monsoon rains. With

the partnership with Jollibee Philippines starting 2009, school supplies, storybooks and toys have been collected to bring joy to children from partner communities who have welcomed the Letranites for the previous years.

For AY 2016-2017, collected and purchased schools supplies (crayons-233, pencils-614, sharpener-201, erasers-219) , toys (1,116), coloring books (813) and storybooks (500) were given to 205 3-5 year old children of Barangay Masili, 32 pre-school children of maintenance and security personnel of the Colegio, 70 school children of Brgy. Saray in Pakil, Laguna, and 60