Community and Extension Services Department

Linkages and Partners

The Community and Extension Services Department (CESD) currently maintain 24 partnerships with the public and private sectors in the conduct of its community and extension programs, projects and activities. There are 11 public sector partners, 10 private sector partners and three Church-based programs, and activities project partners.

Within the City of Calamba, the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) is a partner of the School for environment and health advocacy projects. Another one is an educational institution, the Castor Alviar National High School, for the Be a Parent Project where poor but deserving students are given scholarship grants to help them continue with high school education.

Specific to extension projects of the Colegio, Brgy. Masili of the City of Calamba has been chosen among the 54 barangays in the City of Calamba as partner community for 2015-2020. No less than the Rector and President of Letran Calamba, Rev. Fr. Honorato C. Castigador OP, together with several administrators, graced the occasion of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in July 15, 2015 in the said barangay.

Outside the City of Calamba, CESD has three partner municipalities and twenty two partner barangays for the Makipamuhay student immersion project mostly for second year students enrolled in the courses Society and Culture and Religious Education IV.

The municipalities of Pakil, Pangil and Santa Maria in the 4th District of Laguna serve as partners for this project. In Pakil, the three partner barangays are Gonzales, Tavera and Banilan. There are six partner barangays in Pangil namely: Balian, San Jose, Isla, Galalan, Dambo and Mabato-Asufre. The municipality of Santa Maria accounts for twelve partner barangays namely: Cabuoan, Kayhakat, Cambuja, Bubucal, Tungkod, Inayapan, Calangay, Coralan, Bagumbayan, Parang ng Buho, Macasipac and Adia.

There are four partners for professional networks. Within Region 4A, CESD is part of the Network of CALABARZON Educational Institutions- Community Extension (NOCEI-Com Ex). In the national level, CESD represents the Colegio in three national community and extension-related organizations like the Philippine Association of Extension Program Implementors, Inc (PAEPI), Community Development Society of Philippines (CDSP), and community and extension offices of HEIs under the Dominican Province of the Philippines Incorporated (DPPI). Below is a list of our partners:

Current CES Linkage and Partners

Program/ Project Tie-Up
School/Unit Partner STATUS
Name Sector Since Present
1 ONE LETRAN Academe Dominican School Institutional CESD 2021 Active
2 Aquinas University Private Dominican Network 2004 Active
3 Letran College Manila Private Dominican Network 2007 Active
4 Simabahayan - Office for Communtiy Development , University of Santo Tomas Private Dominican Network 2004 Active
5 Castor Alviar National High School Academe Extension Integration to Academics (Integ)/ Be a Parent Project (BePa) LETRAN 2021 Active
6 Eduardo Barretto Sr. National High School Public Integ/BePa Departmental and Institutional SCST 2011 Active
7 Tiyani Elementary School Public Integ Departmental SEAS 2011 Active
8 DPPI Private DPPI Educ. Program Institutional CESD 2006 Active
9 Community Development Society of the Philippines (CDSP) Private Linkage Institutional CESD 2008 Active
10 Network of CALABARZON Educational Institution, Inc. (NOCEI, Inc) Private Linkage Institutional CESD 2010 Active
11 Philippine Association of Extension Program Implementors, Inc. (PAEPI) Private Linkage Institutional CESD 2008 Active
12 Sangguniang Barangay ng Bucal Public Multi-project tie-up Institutional CESD 2000 Active
13 STPRC, Inc. Private Multi-project tie-up Institutional CESD 2003 Active
14 CENRO Calamba Public Environmental Advocacy Institutional CESD 2007 Active
15 City Planning and Development Office Public Multi-project Tie-up Institutional CESD 2012 Active
16 Brgy. Masili, City of Calamba Public Relief operations, Be a Parent Project, Extension Integration Institutional and Departmental CESD, SoE, SCST, SEAS, SN, SBMA, STHM 2011 Active
17 Bahay ni Maria Private Outreach Departmental BED-H 2000 Active
18 St. Albert the Great Seminary Private Agapay ng San Alberto Magno Departmental CESD 2015 Active
19 Municipality of Santa Maria, Laguna Public Makipamuhay, Operation Ondoy, and Medical Mission Institutional CESD 2000 Active
20 Municipality of Pangil, Laguna 2000 Active
21 Municipality of Pakil, Laguna 2006 Active
22 Our Lady's Nativity Parish Church Makipamuhay Institutional CESD 2000 Active
23 Our Lady of Angels Parish Church Makipamuhay Institutional CESD 2000 Active
24 St. Alexandria Parish Church Tuloy Aral Institutional CESD 2000 Active
25 Brgy. Mapagong, Pagbilao, Quezon Public Tuloy Aral Institutional CESD 2000 Active
26 NEDA Govt. Agency Linkage Institutional CESD 2021 Active
27 CENRO Calamba Government Office Environmental Advocacy Institutional CESD 2021 Active