Institutional Research Program

The IRP covers the institution’s initiative to conduct and grant funding for research studies and to network with research-based institutions. Through the IRP, the institution commits itself to the growing research-based needs of the CALABARZON area. IRP has the following list of services:

  • Institutional Research Grant Program (IRGP)
  • A program which provides financial assistance (maximum of Php 60,000) to scholarly endeavors of teaching and non-teaching personnel.

  • Faculty Research Program (FRP)
  • FRP is an overarching program enabling faculty to engage in research-related undertakings, while performing instruction and extension functions, as a means to enhance and sustain the Colegio’s research culture. A faculty researcher may be given a maximum of 16-unit equivalent teaching load including 4-unit FDA depending on the rigor of his/her research.

  • Faculty Development Activity (FDA) – Research
  • Faculty members are given an FDA load equivalency (maximum of 4 units) corresponding to the approved FDA rendered by a qualified full time faculty member in addition to his/her regular load assignment of 18 hours or units.

  • Integrated Departmental Research (IDR)
  • IDR is a research output collaboratively done by the RD with other departments/offices with specific research needs.

  • Institutional Research Colloquium
  • The Faculty Research Colloquium has been conducted for the past 11 years, to share the significant findings of both funded and non-funded research studies. Also, the RD is sending the faculty researchers to local and international research conferences to present the findings of their respective research studies.

  • Faculty Research Journal Publications
  • The RD through the Institutional Research Unit (IRU) publishes two faculty research journals – NEXO and Journal of Institutional Research and Development (JIRD)

  • Research Capability Building Activities (RCBA)
  • Scientific training in research is vital to produce quality research. RD designed RCBA to enhance the research skills and competencies of the faculty members.

  • Evaluation and Publication of All Instructional Materials prepared by Letran Personnel
  • The RD is mandated to evaluate instructional materials (IM) intended for the Colegio’s use. The review of IM aims to maintain certain standards and contribute to a need-based and up-to-date IM development.