Management Information Systems Department

ID Card Processing


New students enrolled in the Colegio are issued their ID card. The ID fee for new student is included in their Official Enrollment Form. New faculty and employees, as a condition of their employment, are issued their first ID card free of charge. If this card or subsequent cards, are lost, stolen or mutilated, they will be charged for the replacement cost of a new card. ID card is also issued to external partners who have affiliation with the Colegio.

It is the responsibility of the cardholder to report a lost or stolen card immediately. For lost or stolen ID card, the cardholder will need to have another card with a new issued date. The new ID card deactivates the older card. It is advised not to use an ID that has been reported lost or stolen.

Letran Calamba ID card does not expire until the individual is separated from the Colegio.


  • New students who come for a card need to show a stamped Official Enrolment Form.
  • New employees are required to have their information processed by Human Resources Department and entered into the Letran Calamba School System in order to process their ID card.
  • The name printed on the ID card is the individual's official name as recorded in the Letran Calamba School System.
  • In the event that the ID card is replaced due to loss or theft, it is deactivated and cannot be re-activated should the older card be found. Employees are required to accomplish a Request for ID card before MIS Department issues a replacement card. Students are required to process a Notarized Affidavit of Lost before MIS Department issues a replacement card.
  • Digital photograph will be printed on the face of the ID card and will be stored in the ID System database
  • Individuals who are neither students nor current employees of the Colegio may be eligible to receive an ID card as long as they are "affiliated" with the Colegio through a sponsoring department. The ID fee can be paid by the individual through the Cashier's Office


  • Protect your card from damage by keeping it in the protective sleeve provided when the card is issued.
  • Do not bend the card. Card readers cannot read bent or cracked cards reliably.
  • Do not wash, scratch or write on your card
  • Do not use your card for any purpose it was not designed for.
  • Avoid exposing the card to excessive heat.
  • Do not lend it out to others. You are responsible for your card
  • Do not punch holes, affix stickers, or, in any other way, make modifications to the ID card. Such practices may create problems when trying to use the ID card for official school business or card swipe functions.