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Job Ranking

The Ranking and Promotion System recognizes the competence and actual performance of the personnel vis-a-vis the work demands of their respective job positions. While the classifications of their job positions are determined by the nature of their work assignments and the required competencies, personnel may be promoted on account of meritorious or excellent actual work performance, dedication, and acquisition of related competencies.


Letran Calamba provide all personnel a just and equitable compensation based on the significance, complexity and conditions of the job, and on the qualifications and performance of an employee as provided for under the existing labor laws and existing CBA provisions.

Employee Relations Program

In response to the mission of the Colegio for total human development and to maintain and continually strive for a corps of competent administrators, faculty, and employees and the society in general, the Employee Relations Program is instituted. Further, this supports the department's vision to empower people to be their best in order to meet the growing needs of the Letran Calamba community.


An orientation is given to a newly hired Personnel to provide basic information about the Colegio like mission/vision/objectives, organizational structure, manual of policies and procedures. A separate orientation id given to newly regularized employees/ faculty members for additional information such as compensation and benefits and other information related to regularization in the Colegio.

Counseling / Coaching

To advice and counsel employees/faculty with personal and/or work concerns, counseling / coaching service is provided. Also, it will serve as preventive measure in addressing disciplinary related cases and preparation stage for career growth. This can be on a voluntary basis or the Human Resource Department initiative to concerned employee or as referred by their department head or other employee/faculty.

Conflict Resolution and Avoidance

Conflicts may arise between co-employees/faculty and the Human Resource Department may provide remedy thru conference or individual counseling/coaching to resolve or prevent possible conflict. Thru this service, it is the aim to promote harmonious working relationship and industrial peace.

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