Health Services

School Clinic Services

Medical services provided by the school clinic are as follows:

  • Emergency/ First Aid Treatment (e.g., wound dressing, control of nose bleeding, etc.)
  • Prescriptions and medications
  • Daily out-patient/ambulatory consultation
  • Referral to area specialist
  • Temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, height and weight monitoring
  • Physical examination of students
  • Physical examination of athletes
  • Physical examination and laboratory test request
  • First aid treatment (wound dressing, immobilization and bandaging, nebulization, and oxygenation)
  • Health counseling/education and awareness
  • Dental examination
  • Dental consultation and referral
  • Dental health education program

Free medical and dental consultations are provided by the school clinic to:

  • Students enrolled in the particular semester/academic year.
  • All employees of the Colegio.
  • All faculty members of the Colegio.

Dispensing of Medicines

  • The school clinic only dispenses over-the-counter medicines and emergency medicines.
  • Special medicines, antimicrobials, and the like will not be provided by the clinic. However, prescriptions may be issued by the physician/dentist-on-duty.
  • The school clinic will not consider proxy verbal request for medicines. The personnel/student should personally ask the medicine. This is to prevent error in the intake of medications.
  • The school clinic will not provide maintenance medications to students and personnel. The provision of medicines is on an immediate/emergency need basis only.