Accounting Services Department

Assessment and Billing

The Colegio, in providing quality education and fair charging of fees ensures that only government approved rates (tuition, miscellaneous, and other school fees) is being used to assess and bill enrollees for each academic period.

Fees other than those mentioned above may be included in the assessment and billing provided that such are initiated by the students themselves and are approved for inclusion by the VP for Finance.

  • Prior to the scheduled enrolment, the Accounting Services Department Director has to facilitate data maintenance build up in the Letran Calamba School System's Assessment & Billing Module.
  • An enrolment curriculum costing is to be conducted before the scheduled enrolment period. This is to ensure that enrollees will be assessed and billed accurately.
  • Once sectioning or encoding of courses to be enrolled is done during the enrolment proper, the Accountant will process the assessment and send through email (online) or give directly to the student (onsite) the Official Enrolment Form for corresponding payment.
  • Enrollees must send the proof of payment to or directly proceed to the Cashier's Office for payment of corresponding fees and validation of enrollment.
  • Enrolment post-audit will be conducted after the enrolment period to check the accuracy of records or entries in the system.

Date Updated: February 25, 2021