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Alumni Services

  Alumni Tracking

This pertains to tracing the destination of the graduates after they left the Colegio with emphasis on employment and community involvement. This is facilitated through the accomplishment of the Alumni Profile/Tracking Form.

Alumni Data Profiling

This refers to the comprehensive report of the graduates' data based on the alumni directory at the Registrar's Office.

Alumni Card Processing and Distribution

This is the official Colegio-wide identification card of the graduates. The alumni card entitles the card holder to avail of discounts and other privileges given by the Colegio and
other partner establishments as identified by affiliated alumni associations.

Alumni Card Replacement

In case of damaged or loss of alumni card, the graduate applies for replacement and payment. If damaged, the alumni shows the damaged alumni card and if lost, an
affidavit of loss is submitted.

Alumni Activities Monitoring

These are activities intended for graduates, specifically the homecoming, class reunions, and alumni association-sponsored activities.

Inviting and Welcoming Graduation Speakers

This refers to inviting and welcoming graduation speakers endorsed by the Graduation Committee, considered as one of the services of the Alumni Office.

Tribute for New Board Passers

Dubbed as “Toast”, it is an annual tribute given by the Colegio to its alumni new board passers. The occasion also gives recognition to employees, faculty, and administrators
who have finished graduate degrees, passed licensure examinations, or earned their licenses in their respective fields during the specified period.

Releasing of Graduation Picture

It is an individual souvenir photograph of graduating students of a particular academic year in Basic Education Department, Collegiate Schools, and Graduate School
and Professional Services.

Releasing of Yearbook

This refers to the souvenir book published annually, containing photographs, names, birthdays, home addresses, contacts, and details of school activities of graduating class
of a particular academic year in Basic Education Department, Collegiate Schools, and Graduate School and Professional Services.

Providing Lists of Collegiate Graduates to Companies for Employment

This pertains to providing lists of collegiate graduates per program per school per academic year every graduation as requested by companies for employment.

Alumni Discount

This refers to the 5% tuition fee discount for children of alumni who will enroll in the Colegio, an entry discount only to basic education and college.

Requirements: Photocopy of NSO birth certificate and any of the following: alumni card/transcript of records/diploma/ certification from Registrar's Office.

Alumni Awards

The following categories shall be opened to all alumni of the Colegio:

Lifetime Distinguished Achievement Award. This award is given only to the recipients of Outstanding Alumnus/Alumna Award and/or Outstanding Service Award for two consecutive awardings beginning 2019 and five years thereafter.

Outstanding Alumnus/Alumna Award. This award is conferred to an alumnus/alumna who has demonstrated exceptional achievements and outstanding contributions in the following areas: Public Sector, Private Sector, and Religious Sector.

Outstanding Service Award. This award is given to individual alumnus/alumna and alumni chapters or groups who have rendered exceptional service in the pursuit of quality objectives of the Colegio.

Multi-Generation Alumni Family Award. This award is bestowed on families who have produced at least three successive generations of Letran Calamba alumni who have contributed in upholding the Colegio's principles (a Culture of Conscience, Discipline, and Excellence inspired by Filipino, Dominican, and Christian ideas and values). This award is given to showcase the loyalty of the family of graduates to Letran Calamba.

For further inquiries, please visit the Alumni Office and look for Ms. Jelhen F. Faylon or call at (049) 545-5453 loc 2002 or email at
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