Library Services Department

Activation of Library Account

At the start of school year/semester/trimester, activation of library account is necessary for all students, faculty, and employees who want to avail themselves of library services.

    Account activation requirements are the following:

    • Listing of students who enrolled during the regular enrollment period will be generated from the Letran system and account will be activated by the assigned staff;
    • For late enrollees, they need to present their registration form/official enrollment form and validated student ID card for the current semester/trimester/academic year;
    • For faculty and employees, they need to present their office ID card.
    • o Employees and administrators who are enrolled in the graduate school program must present their graduate student I.D card and not their office ID. card; and
    • o For contractual/part-time faculty and employees, a certification from HRD or respective Department Head may be submitted.
  • Client borrower must fill out registration form with pertinent information.
  • Students must present their ID at every transaction to the library personnel.
  • Only single account must be activated per user.

Date Updated: June 29, 2018