By:Dr. Ruel V. Maningas

Colegio de San Juan de Letran CALAMBA JEJU NATIONAL UNIVERSITY (JNU), KOREA PHILIPPINES, Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba and Jeju National University (JNU) Korea, recognizing the benefits to their respective institutions from the establishment of institutional link, signed an agreement on academic cooperation last January 15, 2015 at Letran Calamba.  The purpose of the agreement is to develop academic and educational cooperation and promote mutual understanding between the two higher education institutions (HEIs). Both HEIs agree to develop the following collaborative activities in academic areas of mutual interest, on basis of equality and reciprocity:   (a) exchange of faculty, researchers, and other research and administrative staff; (b) exchange of students; (c) conduct of collaborative research projects; (d) conduct of lectures and symposia; (e) exchange of academic information and materials; and (f) promotion of other academic cooperation as mutually agreed.   Rev. Fr. Honorato C. Castigador, Letran Calamba Rector and President met Dr. Kang Young Hun, the Dean for International Affairs who served as representative of   JNU President, Dr.  Hyang Jin Huh during the signing ceremony.  The event was also graced by Dr. Ma. Rhodora G. Odejar, Letran Calamba’s Vice President for Academics and Mr. Lee Dong Hoon, President and CEO of Philippine Laguna English Center, Inc.  who both signed also as witnesses?




The partnership with JNU kicked off with initial batch of Korean students who participated in the Multi-Media English and Philippine Culture Camp at Letran Calamba which ran from March to June 2015.  Another batch of Korean students   is currently attending the Conversational English and Philippine Culture Camp which started in September 2 and will culminate in December 9.  The School of Education, Arts and Sciences (SEAS) and Culture and Arts Department of Letran Calamba jointly facilitate the delivery of English and Philippine culture modules, respectively.  The Office of the Vice President for Academics, through Dr. Ruel V. Maningas, the Assistant Vice President provides the overall management of the program in coordination with Phil-Laguna English Center, the JNU’s conduit and representative to Letran Calamba.