Office of the Vice President for Research and Development

Philosophy and Objectives

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Development serves the research and development (R&D) needs of the Colegio. It assumes the role of nurturing and promoting a viable research culture in the institution. Its development functions cover research-related publications, knowledge management, management information systems, and strategic planning aimed at informed decision making.

The Research and Development Division (R&DD) promotes a culture of inquiry and development by serving the R&D needs of the Colegio through programs and initiatives that develop R&D competence among students, faculty, administrators, and employees.

The R&DD is committed to support the R&D needs of the Colegio in terms of coordinating the research-, knowledge management-, research publications-, planning and development-, and management information systems-related activities within and outside the institution.

1. Strengthen the Colegio's research culture through student and institutional research, as well as through close monitoring of R&D-related outcomes utilization

2. Synergize research, knowledge management, planning and development, and management information systems functions to eventually lead to expansion of related linkages

3. Assist in informed decision making process through pertinent research and development data

4. Develop competent and committed human resource capable of assisting in R&D work