Office of the Vice President for Finance

Philosophy and Objectives

The Office of the Vice President Finance is tasked to safeguard the financial interests of the Colegio

Through the CARE for Letran Program, it envisions Letran Calamba to be a financially sustainable institution whose fiscal interests are strongly supported by policies, systems and procedures on:
Cost Management
Asset Management
Regular reporting
Effective business controls

The Finance Division is responsible in safeguarding the financial interests of the Colegio by constantly striving to manage costs and thus being able to maintain the quality of education that is accessible to the community.

It is responsible to its students and faculty, employees and administrators, the men and women who learn with us. For them, learning facilities must be provided, needed equipments must be acquired, fair and adequate compensation must be paid new and better ways of promoting excellent service must be explored and sustainable operation must be assured.

The Division is responsible to the Colegio, the Institution whose fiscal interest we must safeguard for the realization of its mission and goals. For Letran, cost must be managed, revenues must be generated, resources must be maintained, and reserves must be created to provide adverse time. We operate according to these principles as a matter of duty.

1. To maintain reasonable amount of returns for each academic year.

2. To maintain a positive cash flow for each operating period while ensuring that academic requirements are sustained.