Student Services Department

Philosophy and Objectives

The Student Services Department is mandated to provide student-centered learning environment which promotes education with leadership and life success skills to empower them with sharp mind and strong body with Filipino, Dominican and Christian ideals and values.

We envision Student Services Department to be highly regarded for quality, efficient, and seamless student services

We commit ourselves to assist the holistic growth and development of students by equipping them with life success skills, through an integrated student development programs guided by Dominican principles and recognized ethical standards.

1. To ensure a safe and secure educational environment

2. To provide assistance to the academic division in the students' formation of hard and soft skills.

3. To provide adequate and relevant social and psychological support to the students.

4. To assist parents, sibling and guardians of student in the online transition in support of the students.

5. To aspire for Highly Satisfactory to Excellent evaluation from Clients.