School of Business, Management, and Accountancy

Philosophy and Objectives

The School of Business, Management, and Accountancy shall provide quality and relevant business education to its students and eventually produce graduates more responsive and industry ready in both local and international settings.

To be a recognized premier academic institution dedicated to educational distinction and producers of exceptional business professionals ready to meet the challenges of a domestic and globalized business environment grounded by the Dominican values and culture of conscience, discipline, and excellence.

The School of Business, Management and Accountancy commits to develop responsive and productive professionals and entrepreneurs by providing quality business curricular programs that are imbued with Filipino, Dominican and Christian attitudes and principles.

1. To continually deliver quality business education through outcomes-based instruction and quality departmental services to the stakeholders.

2. To continually elevate the accreditation level of the business education curricular programs.

3. To strengthen the technical and professional competencies of administrators, faculty members, and support personnel.

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Office Hours
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday to Friday