Research and Knowledge Management Department

Philosophy and Objectives

The Research and Knowledge Management Department serves as the research arm of the institution. Specifically, the Department's Emerging Integrated R&D Program covers both Institutional Research and Student Research Programs, which ventures into managing the intellectual property assets of the Colegio, through identification, patenting, licensing, and reporting of these knowledge resources, and monitoring research utilization.

In a Culture of Conscience, Discipline, and Excellence, the Research and Knowledge Management Department seeks to promote a "knowledge-focused" culture to serve the growing needs of the institution and of the whole CALABARZON area in the contexts of student and personnel researches responsive to community and industry needs, and to provide the management solid bases for planning and sound decision-making.

We, the Research and Knowledge Management Department, the research arm of Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba, in search for truth and committed to the total human development, strive to nurture the research capability and competence of the members of the Letran community through effective dissemination and utilization of its knowledge capital and implement researches fostering a research environment that is grounded on Filipino culture permeated by Dominican values and responsive to the growing needs of the institution and the society.

1. To develop academic constituents into research-competent administrators, faculty, employees, and students who can contribute to advancement of human knowledge and facilitate dissemination of research outcomes so as to address the real community needs

2. To strengthen the competencies of personnel through training and development and meaningful collaboration with research organizations

3. To effectively identify, distribute, and preserve the Colegio's knowledge capital

4. To provide assistance to Colegio's clients and stakeholders in seeking application for patents and intellectual property protection

5. To provide faculty and student researchers a venue for exchange of intellectual outcomes through linkages or active partnership with government and private institutions

6. To continually provide quality service to various stakeholders for optimum client satisfaction