Office of the Rector and President

Philosophy and Objectives

The Office of the Rector and President executes the orders and policies of the Board of Trustees and keeps the Institution in good operating order to successfully attain the goals and visions prescribed by the Board of Trustees and the Order itself and prepares regular and periodic reports to the Board of Trustees and its Executive Committee on results of operations of the Institution and its past, present and foreseen status vis-à-vis the goals and visions of the Board/ Order.

In a Culture of Conscience, Discipline, and Excellence, we envision Letran Calamba as a University, a center of Science and Technology, as well as a vital formation center in the religious and socio-economic development of the region.

We, Colegio de San Juan de Letran a Catholic educational institution, commit ourselves to the total human development, and better quality of life of our students, faculty, and employees, and the promotion of a genuine community through an education that is Filipino, Dominican, and Christian in orientation.

1. To develop qualified and productive professionals who can effectively contribute to growth of the nation

2. To maintain and continually strive for a corps of competent administrators, faculty, employees, and alumni who shall endeavor to fulfill Colegio’s mission and vision

3. To promote solidarity with the larger community through programs that is responsive to its needs

4. To provide a wholesome and conducive educational environment for the Letran community

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