Human Resource Department

Philosophy and Objectives

The Human Resource Department is responsible for the proper development of the active and latent potentialities of current and potential members of the institution's academic and administrative work force. It plans, formulates, recommends, and implements (through the charts of organization) programs/training modules design to develop and enhance the skills and work acumen of personnel geared to the current and future needs of the institution. The Human Resource Department is responsible for constantly providing the institution, qualified and sufficiently trained personnel to handle and cope with all academic and administrative work loads at all times, including the future medium and long term needs of the school. In pursuit of this requirement, the Department is obliged to properly plan and implement programs of activities sufficient enough to attain these end-goals. It is also obliged to inform the office of the EVP/Vice President for Administration and Planning Division and/or the Executive Board of the operating status of the work force vis-à-vis current and future requirements and fulfillment plans

With the thrust toward total human development and guiding principle that our people is our greatest advantage, we will continue to lead and improve the quality of work culture; empower people to be their best in order to meet the needs of the Colegio; provide organizational development services that will facilitate change and continuous improvement in the organization; and establish and strengthen relationships and initiatives with shared resources to serve its people and community partners.

We, the Human Resource Department, foster people development to attract and retain a highly qualified, diverse, and proactive workforce imbued with Christian values; Identifies, develops, and implements policies and procedures, interventions, training, and health care to improve quality of work life; and creates a culture that promotes conscience, discipline, and excellence throughout the organization.

1. To strengthen the Colegio's Professional work environment that respects creativity, diversity, diligence and merit that is Filipino, Dominican and Christian in Orientation.

2. To promote the Colegio in the Region as showcase for integrative Human Resource and Wellness Program as part of Total Human Resource Development.

3. To continuously assess and enhance skills and competencies of HRD staff and realign as necessary, based upon core responsibilities, commonality of functions and client requirements.

4. To consistently provide the stakeholders with improved quality service by implementing Policies, Systems and Programs of All Human Resource functions including Curative and Preventive Care responsive to the necessities set forth in the Colegio's Mission-Vission toward dynamic Human Development.

Office Hours
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday to Friday

Medical and Dental Clinic
7:00 a.m - 8:00 p.m
Monday to Friday
9:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m