Graduate School

Philosophy and Objectives

Graduate School has established postgraduate programs that aim to groom a new breed of industry leaders capable of excelling in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex global market. To deliver this, our faculty has been handpicked to advance knowledge in teaching and research. Aside from recruiting some of the best academic instructors, Letran Calamba also taps successful business professionals for their specific expertise and skills.

A robust Letran Calamba learning community advancing toward a university of faith, science, and technology.

We, the members of the Academics Division, in pursuit of a holistic, meaningful and glocal development, commit ourselves to promote curricular programs that will enhance the quality of life of its stakeholders through an authentic, Filipino, Dominican, and Christian learning community of productivity and quality.

INSTRUCTION. To provide and sustain excellent academic programs characterized by quality and innovative teaching and learning practices.

NETWORKING AND LINKAGES. [1] To ensure adequate student population through continuous engagements with academic institutions, communities and organizations. [2] To establish engaging collaborations with industry companies to sustain link between education practices and industry competencies.

STUDENT AFFAIRS AND SERVICES. To promote flexible and seamless student services and programs that support learning and development as well as promote optimal student engagement and satisfaction.

ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM AND HUMAN RESOURCE. [Administration] To ensure organizational efficiency and continual improvement through internal audit, certification, and accreditation. [HR] To provide an adequate, competent, and engaged workforce