Graduate School

Philosophy and Objectives

Graduate School has established postgraduate programs that aim to groom a new breed of industry leaders capable of excelling in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex global market. To deliver this, our faculty has been handpicked to advance knowledge in teaching and research. Aside from recruiting some of the best academic instructors, Letran Calamba also taps successful business professionals for their specific expertise and skills.

The leader and center of excellence in graduate studies in Region IV-A

To provide professionals in the region with advance, innovative, needs-based, and responsible business and management education for continuous improvement, lifelong learning, and integral human development.

1. To provide the students with quality focused, industry-aligned, competency-based, and glocally competitive graduate programs that are anchored on the core principles of conscience, discipline, and excellence.

2. To deliver graduate curricular programs that promote the Colegio as one of the nationally and internationally-recognized educational institutions.

3. To continually develop professionals in the fields of business, management, and education through training and development and other relevant capability-building services.

4. To continually prepare and improve the administrators, faculty members, and staff to deliver quality instruction and support services that will effectively contribute to the delivery of graduate programs.