Facilities and Safety Department

Philosophy and Objectives

The Facilities and Safety Department was created under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Art Dingel, OP. It was formerly known as Property Management & General Services Department, created since the establishment of the Colegio in 1979, under the Finance Division. The director then was Rev. Fr. Patricio Apa, O.P. PMGSD is one of the required unit during the start of the school operations. The Office managed the school buildings and facilities.

        The Facilities and Safety Department consists of the Custodial and Technical Services, Environmental Management, Safety and Security. The department ensures continuous physical development and maintenance of school facilities, upkeep of cleanliness in all areas of the school, safety of all school personnel, students and visitors, and protection of the environment.

Through continuous development, we envision Letran Calamba as the number ONE school in the south in terms of campus, physical infrastructures, facilities, safety and security.

FSD commits itself to continuously develop Letran Calamba campus, physical infrastructures and facilities and keep it in good appearance and condition at all times and to provide a safe and secure environment for its stakeholders.

1. To keep the campus, physical infrastructures, facilities and environment in good appearance and condition and to ensure safety and security of its stakeholders at all times.

2. To provide our clients quality service at all times.

3. To continuously develop FSD organization and systems.