Facilities Management and General Services Department

Philosophy and Objectives

The FMGSD is tasked to ensure care of the Colegio's property through regular cleaning, periodic maintenance of its facilities, prevention of environmental pollution within and its surroundings, and securing its premises from unnecessary internal and external factors that might cause hazards to the stakeholders. The operation includes property custodianship, facility improvement and maintenance, environment pollution control and safety, and campus security. Cost-effectiveness in, all operation is ensure at all times.

Through continuous development, we envision Letran Calamba as the number ONE school in the south in terms of campus, physical infrastructures, facilities, safety and security.

FMGSD commits itself to continuously develop Letran Calamba campus, physical infrastructures and facilities and keep it in good appearance and condition at all times and to provide a safe and secure environment for its stakeholders.

1. To keep the campus, physical infrastructures, facilities and environment in good appearance and condition and to ensure safety and security of its stakeholders at all times.

2. To provide our clients quality service at all times.

3. To continuously develop FMGSD organization and systems.