Campus Ministry Department

Philosophy and Objectives

The Campus Ministry is an essential and officially recognized component mission of the Church. It witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by teaching and preaching the Word of God and by gathering together the community for worship and service. Campus Ministry is directed to students, faculty, administrators, and staff and those other served by universities and colleges and other institutions for post secondary education. It aims to promote theological study and reflection on human kind. This ministry sustains the Christian Community on campus with pastoral care and liturgical worship and helps the campus community to serve the needs of its members and the needs of the wider community.

We envision Letran Calamba as a community and faith imbued with the spirit of St. Dominic, guided by the virtues of Mary, and inspired by true Christian witnessing, dedicated to God, Country and Truth.

We, Campus Ministry Department, guided by the Dominican tradition and Filipino values, commit ourselves to the Mission of the Church which is evangelization through a faith-based formation of the academic community, inspired and enlightened by the Dominican charism, and responding to the needs of the Church and society.

1. To ensure the full, conscious, and active participation of the Letran Community in the Continuing Formation program, liturgical celebrations, and community engagements.

2. To raise the consciousness among the community members concerning issues of justice, peace, and integrity of creation through programs, projects, and activities responsive to these concerns.

3. To facilitate trainings, workshops, conferences, and seminars for community leaders to be more competent and committed facilitators of faith.

4. To provide programs, projects, and activities which will answer the areas of liturgical ministry, pastoral ministry, and community engagement.

5. To prepare the personnel, students, and alumni to be more proactive members of the Church by initiating them in the ministries and serving the larger communities.

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