Culture and Arts Department

Philosophy and Objectives

The Culture and Arts Department is responsible for the realization of the Colegio's mission, vision and objectives in the sphere of culture and the arts through effective planning and implementation of relevant programs and services

We envision the Department of Culture and Arts as the Colegio's resource center for the arts and culture, and a vital stakeholder among local, national and international culture organizations.

The Culture and Arts Department, recognizing the importance of culture and arts in integral human development and guided by the Dominican tradition and Filipino values, commit ourselves to nurture among the students, personnel and partner organizations an engaged valuing for the Philippine cultural heritage and to build their capacity to participate in the creation of culture and arts.

1. To train, organize and develop students and personnel in the production of arts and promotion of Philippine cultural heritage that uphold high standards of creativity, artistic excellence and social responsibility

2. To institutionalize the production and transmission of knowledge on Philippine culture, heritage and arts that are aligned with and attuned to the changing Philippine and ASEAN educational landscape

3. To become a key player among culture and arts organization in Philippine higher educational institution

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