Accounting Department

Philosophy and Objectives

The Department is responsible for obtaining government approval on tuition fees, assessment and billing of students as well as maintaining their financial records, processing of all Accounts Payable of the Institution in accordance with the Colegio's policy, and accounting, reporting and safeguarding of Colegio's stock inventory and Fixed Assets.

We envision Accounting Department equipped with a fully automated system and manned by diligent and dedicated team, to be an instrument and relevant source of financial information essential in the Colegio's management and decision making.

We, the Accounting Department, commit ourselves to maintain the Colegio's financial records, provide diligently and effective quality service to our stakeholders for appropriate accounting-related functions through the team's expertise and continuous desire for skills and technological improvements.

1. To maintain the integrity of the financial data by assuring transactions are processed and recorded properly and efficiently.

2. To provide accurate and reliable accounting-related information to our stakeholders, on a timely manner possible through monitoring enhancements to current financial system and seek new technological processes resulting in improved efficiencies.

3. To keep systematic records of the Colegio's fixed assets and inventoriables.

4. To provide quality services to clients on matters pertaining to student assessment, billing, and financial records.