Administrators and Staff

Officer-in-Charge Dr. Richard John Brian D.L. Manzano
Administrative Assistant III Melinda L. Montano
Chair Audrey Vincentine S. Salud
Chair Pamela Rose A. Tagulinao
Faculty Christian C. Aguado
Faculty Jasmin Gay A. Aguinaldo
Faculty Felipe C. Baet
Faculty Glenda T. Bagasol
Faculty Precious Faye M. Bicomong
Faculty Conrado M. Borromeo
Faculty Geraldine M. Carlos
Faculty Engr. Rosalina M. Corpuz
Faculty Joeyette P. Cruz
Faculty Dr. Jennibelle R. Ella
Faculty Agnes P. Garcia
Faculty Mary Kimberly M. Gonzales
Faculty Cynthia S.M. Jacob
Faculty Alicia M. Javier
Faculty Juan Gerrick B. Mallari
Faculty Jo-Ann M. Morales
Faculty Christian Jasper C. Nicomedes
Faculty Dr. Lalaine B. Ocampo
Faculty Jayson N. Oliveros
Faculty Ricamela S. Palis
Faculty Eduardo P. Perez
Faculty Grace L. Reyes
Faculty Glaziedhel S. Robles
Faculty Lorenzo C. Romabiles
Faculty Atty. Javier Benjamin M. Tongol
Faculty Sherwin D. Yanoria
Faculty Loreta A. Yarte
Laboratory-in-charge Engr. Angelica C. Maravive
Laboratory Assistant I Domingo S. Ofrin
Home Program Offerings
Office Hours
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday to Friday