Board of Trustees


Rev. Fr. Napoleon B. Sipalay, O.P.


Rev. Fr. Arthur B. Dingel, O.P.
Rev. Fr. Ernesto M. Arceo, O.P.
Rev. Fr. Giuseppe Pietro Arsciwals, O.P.
Rev. Fr. John Stephen Besa, O.P.
Rev. Fr. Honorato C. Castigador, O.P.
Rev. Fr. Herminio Dagohoy, O.P.
Rev. Fr. Napoleon M. Encarnacion, O.P.
Rev. Fr. Dennis E. Maquiraya, O.P.
Rev. Fr. Clarence Victor C. Marquez, O.P.
Dr. Ma. Rhodora G. Odejar
Rev. Fr. Art Vincent M. Pangan, O.P.
Rev. Fr. Norman I. Quilaquil, O.P.
Rev. Fr. Jeremy E. Realubit, O.P
Rev. Fr. Boyd R. Sulpico, O.P.


Name Position Contact Number(Local) Knight Mail
Office of the Rector and President
Rev. Fr. Arthur B. Dingel, O.P. Rector and President 1100
Asst. Prof. Ann Reshier G. Bayugo Director

Testing, Guidance, and Counseling Department

Asst. Prof. Conrado M. Borromeo Assistant Director

Athletics and Sports

Ms. Alma Grace Y. Cid Secretary General 2091
Ms. Eloisa Alvarez-Genota Registrar 2050
Ms. Sharon A. Malaiba Director

Center for Planning and
Organizational Transformation

Ms. Merly G. Matibag Assistant Director

Quality Management Office

Ms. Marife P. Sarmiento Director

Center for Program and Service Innovation, Professional Development and Enhancement

Mr. Enrico O. Opulencia Director

Student Affairs Department

Office of the Vice President for Academics
Dr. Zandra N. Maningas Vice President 2000
Dr. Christopher C. Mantillas Director

Academic Research Department

Dr. Simplicio P. Alba Dean, Graduate School 2037
Ms. Maria Cherry G. Tanodra, RN, MAN Dean, School of Nursing 2035
Dr. Maria Victoria U. Rosas Acting Dean

School of Tourism
and Hospitality Management

Dr. Corazon B. Rebong, CpE Officer-in-Charge

School of Computer Studies and Technology

Dr. Maria Milagrosa M. Ocenar Dean

School of Education, Arts, and Sciences

Dr. Corazon B. Rebong, CpE Dean

School of Engineering and Architecture

Dr. Maria Cristina Cruz-Caymo, CPA Dean

School of Business, Management, and Accountancy

Mr. Lorenzo C. Romabiles, III Principal

Senior High School

Ms. Gina S. Navarez Principal

Basic Education Department

Ms. Edna M. Marco Assistant Principal

Basic Education Department

Ms. Evelyn P. Nabus Chief Librarian 2088
Office of the Vice President for Administration
Mr. Johnny Boy S. Tizon Vice President 1102
Asst. Prof. Maresann V. Garcia Director

Human Resource Department

Mr. Johnny Boy S. Tizon Officer-in-Charge

Inventory, Facilities Management & General Services

Office of the Vice President for Information Services
Rev. Fr. Jeremy Realubit, O.P. Vice President 2092
Ms. Maria Sheryll C. Casunuran Assistant Director

Admissions, Student Assistance and Scholarship Office

Ms. Ela Rose B. Nagpala Acting Director

Management Information Services Department


Marketing Services Department

Office of the Vice President for Finance
Rev. Fr. Dennis E. Maquiraya, O.P. Vice President 5000
Mr. Rodolfo C. Ondevilla, CPA Controller 5001
Ms. Alma Leonora B. Bernardo Assistant Director

Auxiliary Business Department

Ms. Monette B. Mendez, CPA, MBA Director, Accounting Services 5006
Ms. Rosario M. Palomeno Director

Financial Services Department

Office of the Vice President for Research and Collaboration
Prof. Roberto DV. Revilla, Ph.D. Vice President 3002
Office of the Vice President for Religious Education, Mission, and Identity
Rev. Fr. Giuseppe Pietro V. Arsciwals, O.P. Vice President 6001
Rev. Fr. Napoleon M. Encarnacion, O.P. Assistant Vice President 6005
Mr. Romeo D. Banatlao Director, Campus Ministry 6007
Assoc. Prof. Lorenzo B. Isla Director

Community and Extension Services

Assoc. Prof. Yolanda C. Lazo Director, Religious Education 3006
Assoc. Prof. Ricamela S. Palis Director, Culture and Arts 5016