Academic Structure


  • Fr. Gerard Fracisco P. Timoner, III, OP (Chair)
  • Fr. Cecilio Vladimir E. Magboo, OP (Corporate Secretary)
  • Fr. Ernesto M. Arceo, OP
  • Fr. John Stephen P. Besa OP
  • Fr. Romualdo P. Cabanatan, Jr., OP
  • Fr. Rodel S. Cansancio, OP
  • Fr. Honorato C. Castigador, OP
  • Fr. Herminio V. Dagohoy, OP
  • Fr. Lovel G. Javier, OP
  • Dr. Ma. Rhodora G. Odejar
  • Fr. Roger C. Quirao, OP
  • Fr. Jeremy E. Realibut, OP
  • Fr. Marcelino E. Saria, OP
  • Fr. Jessie R. Yap, OP


Name Position Contact Number Knight Mail
Office of the Rector and President
Rev. Fr. Honorato C. Castigador, O.P. Rector and President 1100
Office of the Vice President for Academics
Prof. Dr. Ma. Rhodora G. Odejar, Ed.D Vice President 2000
Prof. Ruel V. Maningas, PhD Assistant Vice President 2001
Prof. Ruel V. Maningas, PhD Dean, Graduate School and Professional Services 2037
Asst. Prof. Dinah DG. Araneta, RN, MN Dean, School of Nursing 2035
Mr. Alex Macario C. Cecilio Dean, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management 2053
Ms.Loriemel E. Ferrera Dean, School of Computer Studies and Technology 2078
Assoc. Prof. Maria Milagrosa M. Ocenar Acting Dean, School of Education, Arts, and Sciences 2017
Prof. Corazon B. Rebong, PhD, CpE Dean, School of Engineering 2029
Ms.Marife P. Sarmiento, CPA Dean, School of Business, Management, and Accountancy 2023
Mr.Simplicio P. Alba Principal, Basic Education 2003
Ms. Eloisa Alvarez-Genota Registrar 2050
Ms. Evelyn P. Nabus Chief Librarian 3008
Mr. Lorenzo C. Romabiles, III Assistant Principal, Basic Education 2010
Office of the Vice President for Administration and Planning
Mr. Johnny Boy S. Tizon Vice President 1102
Asst. Prof. Maresann V. Garcia Director, Human Resource 4000/4001
Asst. Prof. Zandra N. Maningas, PhD Director, Quality Management and Planning 2054
Office of the Vice President for Finance
Rev. Fr. Roger C. Quirao, O.P. Vice President 5000
Mr. Rodolfo C. Ondevilla, CPA Assistant Vice President 5001
Ms. Alma Grace Y. Cid Director, Auxiliary Business Department 5012
Ms. Ma. Luisa M. Gabriel Director, Management Information Systems 4005
Ms. Maria A. Lim Director, Accounting 5006
Ms. Rosario M. Palomeno Director, Management Accounting and Finance Services 5004
Engr. Felimar T. Resplandor Director, Property Management and General Services 5008
Mr.Rodelyn G. Hebrio Assistant Director, Safety and Security 5009
Office of the Vice President for Research and Development
Prof. Roberto DV. Revilla, PhD Vice President 3002
Asst. Prof. Floricon V. Encabo Director, Research 5021
Ms. Sharon A. Malaiba Director, Knowledge and Management 3005
Office of the Vice President for Religious Education, Mission, and Identity
Rev. Fr. Jessie R. Yap, O.P. Vice President 6001
Rev. Fr. Cecilio Vladimir E. Magboo, O.P. Assistant Vice President 6001
Mr. Romeo D. Banatlao Director, Campus Ministry 6002
Assoc. Prof. Lorenzo B. Isla Director, Community and Extension Services 6003
Assoc. Prof. Yolanda C. Lazo Director, Religious Education 3006
Assoc. Prof. Ricamela S. Palis Director, Culture and Arts 5016
Mr. Enrico O. Opulencia Director, Student Affairs and Development 2047
Ms. Mary Ann B. Liboon Assistant Director, Admissions and Scholarships Office 2039
Asst. Prof. Ann Reshier G. Bayugo Assistant Director, Guidance and Counseling Services Office 2042
Asst. Prof. Conrado M. Borromeo Assistant Director, Athletics and Sports 5011